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Focused On Commercial Real Estate Law

A Firm Focused On Commercial Real Estate

Last updated on August 9, 2023

Commercial property typically plays a critical role in business throughout California. However, each property is unique from both a physical and legal standpoint. Furthermore, the relationship between landlords and their commercial tenants may involve complicated disputes.

Commercial real estate law is our primary focus at Bower & Associates. With in-depth knowledge of real estate subjects, our attorneys can help you solve problems and gain maximum value from your property or case.

Our Wide-Ranging Real Estate Services

We have the training and experience to assist you with a variety of matters, such as:

  • Buying, selling and leasing commercial property
  • Commercial real estate litigation
  • Zoning and land use issues
  • Acquisition disagreements
  • Easements
  • Breach of contract and other real estate disputes

Careful research, tough advocacy and friendly counsel can go far in real estate cases. Our team is meticulous when working on transactions, contracts and other issues. When you rely on us for legal guidance, we will work one-on-one to explain every aspect of your case.

Advice And Support For Commercial Leases

Bower & Associates frequently works with clients to create, review, negotiate and renew lease agreements. Because a lease can involve complex limitations, we understand that it is important to get it right from the beginning.

We also help clients with commercial lease issues, including lease enforcement. Tenants have specific rights. Landlords are under obligation to respect those rights. However, it is not always clear what a tenant’s rights or landlord’s options are.

Our attorneys can advise you regarding unlawful detainers, which allow commercial landlords to legally evict a tenant who has overstayed the lease or failed to pay rent. In commercial landlord/tenant disputes, we will represent you within and outside of court.

Consult With Us For Your Case

We are fully dedicated to commercial real estate law, and we are fully dedicated to our clients. Our attorneys have strong attention to detail, allowing us to eliminate or reduce as many risks as possible. Call 949-688-5977 or email our firm in Newport Beach for a consultation.